Building Nervous System Resilience with Gemstone

The window of tolerance is a concept originally developed by Dr. Dan Siegel, MD to describe the optimal zone of “arousal” for a person to function in everyday life. When a person is operating within this zone or window, they can effectively manage and cope with their emotions.

Window Of Tolerance

When an individual functions outside of the Window of Tolerance they tend to experience either hyperarousal (hypervigilance, panic, anxiety, anger or agitation) or hypoarousal (numbness, shut down, poor self care, poor boundaries, depression). When the Window of Tolerance shrinks, it does not take much to push someone into a state of Hyper or Hypoarousal. Hyperarousal tends to come first followed by the state of Hypoarousal.

Yogis and Reiki Masters from centuries ago already knew the practices needed to help to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, bringing them into harmony with one another. Yoga practice, poses, breath work and mediation and Reiki treatments can help you to widen the window of tolerance creating more space for you to effectively cope with stress and challenges. Yoga and Reiki gives us the tools to help us to stay within the window of tolerance instead of becoming irritable and agitated, or numb and detached. Yoga and Reiki offer us skills and treatments we can learn to use when we are triggered, they can help us to regulate our nervous system and operate within the boundaries of the Window of Tolerance.

In case you needed another reason to book a Reiki Treatment with us or come along to our Thursday night classes and develop a yoga practice, now you have it!

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