Starting Physical Yoga Practice

The toughest step to make is the first one. If you’re hesitating about giving yoga a try, remember everyone is a beginner at some point.

There are many misconceptions about physical yoga practice, here are three.

  • “You have to be flexible” – No you don’t, over time your body will become more flexible but you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to start with.
  • “It’s for women” – interesting assumption, as yoga was designed in India 5,000 year ago exclusively for men and elite athletes in many sports, practice yoga as part of their training regime.
  • “Yoga is not challenging” – yoga will keep your physical body strong flexible and balanced, but also by training your mind to stay present it is going to improve your overall well being, helping with improved concentration, better sleep habits and reduced stress and anxiety.

Once you feel ready for a physical yoga practice start mindfully. There is no need to jump into complex poses and try to be a new ‘bendy’ person. Find a beginners class and start to learn the basics and whether its Shavasana, Downward-facing dog, Mountain or Childs pose, focus on:

  • pressing your hands or feet into the floor
  • lengthening your spine
  • relaxing your hips

If you remember these three basic rules you will absolutely be working with yoga poses as well as even the most dedicated practitioner.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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